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I know I am always harping on this, but taking notes of your work, especially fabric development, is a good practice.  But this time I am going to teach you a kind of short-hand – a method of “illustrating” a knit fabric. This is used in industry to communicate a fabric structure and also in programming knitting machinery such as Stoll and Shima.

You only need to learn three symbols. Were you paying attention in the last newsletter?

knit tuck miss symbols

Here are some common knit structures:

jersey and rib

The notation below indicates the direction of the carriage and the two course sequence that describes the Shaker or Half Cardigan stitch


Here are some more common rib structures using knit, tuck and miss stitches:

full cardigan

half milano

full milano

Let’s step it up a notch

blue coral swatch photoblue coral swatch

camel swatche photocamel swatch

coral swatch photocoral swatch

cream swatch photocream swatch

Notating knits in this way is an excellent way of communicating fabrics that are composed of knits, tucks, misses and rib structures, but graphing is better for fair-isle, intarsia, lace and cables.

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