Let’s Tuck Again

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The newsletter I wrote a few weeks ago about tuck stitches, got me jonesing for more. I am especially fascinated by how a tuck stitch behaves differently to a knit stitch, and how when you combine them in various arrangements you get distortion in the fabric.


here, a block of tuck stitches pushes out width-wise and pulls down lengthwise to make an adjacent rib wavy

tuck3 tuck3graph

In this swatch, the vertical panels of jersey are being forced to wrinkle like seer-sucker by the adjacent panels of shaker (half cardigan).

tuck5 tuck2

tuck pc5  tuck2pc

These two swatches show very nicely how simple 4 course stripes can be distorted by tucking.

And here’s another wacky one. Triangles of tuck stitch intersect with triangles of jersey to not only create areas of vertical and horizontal stripes, but also to push out little mountain peaks of fabric.

tuck4 tuck4

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