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This 2-day course is tailored for professionals wanting to know more about working with knitted fabrics.  It presents students with the basic principles of weft knit construction. Lectures and lab work will allow the student to develop skills in identifying different knit structures, understand sweater garment construction and learn industry standard communication practices.

Students will build a book during class which will go home with them.

Call/email 206.353.1337 to set up this class with your product development team at a time that works for you.

Cost: $750 per person or $4000 for a group of six

This class can be brought to you.

The Technology Class helped me immensely to understand knit structure, yarn size and how to properly communicate a sweater design to a factory.  I have hand and machine knitting experience but didn’t feel confident designing sweaters at work.  Taking this class, and tapping into Helen’s extensive knowledge of all things knitwear, answered all my lingering questions.  The next day at work I was able to confidently call out stitch types, yarn size and fashioning techniques in my tech packs.  Also the swatch binder we made in the class is helpful to our whole design team!  I highly recommend this class!

– Rosie Casey – Filson, Seattle

I was thoroughly researching sweater classes in New York City when several of my fashion industry colleagues recommended The Knitting School in Seattle.  I decided that I would go, take the sweater class and explore Seattle in one go. From the very beginning, Helen was incredibly helpful and informative and worked with me to tailor the class to my needs. After 2 intensive days of her instruction, I could identify various knitting structures, design my own fair-isle, understand the workings of several types of machinery and felt confident about communicating on a more technical level to overseas factories and development partners.  As an added plus, Helen is an absolute treat to be around and her studio is charming!  If you are interested in learning or enhancing your skills whether for personal reasons or work, I highly recommend The Knitting School!!

– Temis Galindo – Menswear Designer, Perry Ellis

I came across Helen Sharp’s Machine Knitting School during an online search for workshop-style classes on machine knitting. I had not heard of her school before, but I am so glad I discovered her! A year ago, I needed brushing-up on my machine knitting skills for a course I would begin teaching at a new school. I first took two classes with Helen: Patterning Intensive & Ribber Intensive. These two-day intensive classes were exactly what I needed: focused individual instruction in a variety of techniques on the machines. Pure technical information in a condensed format in the cozy setting of Helen’s studio. I liked the classes so much that I came back this past summer for the Garment Intensive course, which Helen usually offers over a six-week period, but condensed to just three days to accommodate my out-of-town schedule. 


In contrast to larger group workshops I have attended, these are by far some of the most pleasant workshops I have ever experienced. Truthfully, there are so few other classes like this in the country—I had to travel from Baltimore to Seattle! The best thing for me is the individual attention available when instruction is one-on-one. Helen is a natural teacher with MUCH PATIENCE for forgetful and anxiety-prone minds! She truly offers more than is described in her class descriptions, offering copious amounts of advice, and recommending everything from knitting books and machine manuals to small tips and tricks with hand tools. Naturally, Helen’s designer instincts kick-in, and you often get the added bonus of her aesthetic and functional criticism. Helen is also a kind and sharing person, inviting me up her hilltop garden to take-in gorgeous views of nearby mountains and the downtown Seattle skyline. The pace of the classes is relaxed but serious, and Helen’s ability to keep you on task ensures that days with her are productive. I clearly cannot sing enough praise for Helen Sharp. I recommend her to my Fiber students and other professionals in the field. 

– Aaron McIntosh – Baltimore

I heard of Helen’s Knitting classes through a co-worker, and as a Technical Designer for sweaters I just knew I had to take her classes to learn more. What I wasn’t expecting was falling head over heels for machine knitting! Helen is a wonderful, patient and very talented teacher. She has so much skill in machine knitting and was even able to answer questions I had about factory settings (as I have not yet been to a factory!) She was able to help me better understand how a factory works with their machines while teaching me to knit my own sweater! It was such a wonderful feeling to finish a sweater that I had made myself, well; Helen did plenty of “life saving” along the way!! I STRONGLY recommend her classes whether you are in the industry or knitting is a hobby.

– Nicole AlexanderTechnical Designer, Nordstrom