Casting On Single Bed Knitting

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There are many different ways of casting on with a single bed. Most entail some kind of wrapping around the needles – e-wrap, double e-wrap, etc.

You tend to find one you like and stick with it. For no particular reason (other than I am super-fast at it!), my go-to single-bed cast-on is the double e-wrap.




However, when I teach new students, I start them off with the e-wrap, because it is easier to learn.



Another quick one is the double wrap.




I did an experiment recently to see if there was much difference between these cast-on methods in how they look and behave. What do you think? They all look quite similar to me. And all have similar stretch or extensibility.

In order: Double E, E-wrap and Double Wrap


The key to being successful with them is not to wrap too tight. After a few tries you will find the right tension.


* Directions are for right-handed folk. For lefties – do the mirror image




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