Understanding Machine Knitting

This course fills the gap for those working in the industry or wanting to work in the industry. Quickly learn what you need to know.

Nike, REI, ExOfficio, Torrid, Tommy Hilfiger, Kit & Ace, Nordstrom and companies from the tech industry and US customs have taken this class to improve their knowledge of machine knitting.





Four three-hour classes or two six hour classes.
(Classes are arranged to suit students needs, for example two six-hour classes can be taught over a weekend).

Class size – up to 7 people.
$750 per person* or $4200 for a group of seven.
(one book per person for individual students, two books per group).

Please call or email for the full curriculum or to schedule a class 206.353.1337

*$750 price based on class with at least two students. The class can be taught to individuals at one-on-one rate of $105/hr.

** this class could be brought to you.  Email or phone for prices.

KnitCourse Description
An Intensive 12 hour immersion for designers and technicians already working in the garment industry, fashion students, and individuals needing technical sweater knowledge.

This course presents students with the basic principles of weft knit construction. Lectures and lab work will allow the student to develop skills in identifying different knit structures, understand sweater garment construction and learn industry standard communication practices.

Students will have the opportunity to use the following machinery: Flat bed knitting machine, V-bed knitting machine, Linker. Students and teacher will assemble a book during class illustrating all techniques, stitches and procedures learned. One book per student or two per group of 4 or more.

Course Objective
At the successful completion of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Analyze, identify and document various yarns and knit structures
  • Execute a sweater technical package
  • Communicate more knowledgeably with sweater manufacturers


Class 1

  • Learn about yarn sizes and structure
  • Identify different types of knitting machinery
  • Understand the action of the latch needle and how basic knit structures are created


Class 2

  •  Analysis, identification and documentation of single bed structures
  • Students will design, punch and knit their own fair-isle design in this class


Class 3

  • Analysis, identification and documentation of various rib structures
  • Students will be using double bed machinery during this class


Class 4

  • The complete package. How to write technical specifications
  • Understanding fashioning, trims and garment construction
  • Students will use a linker to attach various neck treatments to body blanks during this class
  • Summary and Q&A 
  • Questionnaire



What the students say:

“Exceeded my expectations. It’s an eye-opening experience that gave me lots of knowledge.”

“I was nervous to do (the hands-on portion of the class) but your calm, non-pushy approach allowed me to venture in easily and get over my fear.”

“Totally loved it!”

“Wonderful teacher and subject.”

“coming in with very little knowledge of knitting, I wasn’t sure exactly what would be most helpful…but this was totally appropriate, engaging and explained very well for something so complex”


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