What if I have no knowledge of Machine Knitting (or hand-knitting)?

No problem! Start with the Beginner Intensive and take more classes as desired.


What if I don’t own a knitting machine?

Again, no problem. I can help your choose a make/model/gauge in class, if you want to get your own.


What kind of machines do you have in the studio?

  • I prefer Brother Knitting Machines and have a selection of punch-card and computer machines and standard and bulky gauges.
  • You are welcome to bring your own machine if you have one, or if that doesn’t work, at least bring the manual and I can talk your through the differences.
  • I also have three different types of linkers.


Should I take all classes together, or separately?

This is best for you to answer. Some people are fine with learning solidly for 8-12 days. Some people find that overwhelming.


What is the Cancellation policy?

  • Cancellations 21 days or more from the start of class will be assessed a 10% fee
  • Cancellations 8-20 days from the start of class will be assessed a 20% fee
  • Cancellations 1-7 days from the start of class will be assessed a 50% fee


Are there places to stay near the studio?

There are some great airbnb’s within walking distance of the studio.



Plenty of on-street parking outside the studio.

Were also on the bus route to downtown.

Where can I find yarn?

Here are a few yarn suppliers to consider