Yarn on cone is better for machine knitting from the point of view of speed. It feeds off better than a cake and you don’t have to keep stopping to tie on a new cake. However, there is not a lot of choice out there for quality yarns on cone that is available in small quantities.  If you are a home knitter looking for yarn to knit sweaters and other projects for your self and family check out these vendors.





The Yarn Store

If you are starting a business and looking for cone yarn in small quantities, here are a few spinners that will sell in smaller quantities.  Some of them will sell as little as one kilo (2.2lbs) of yarn, others have a minimum amount, but might let you have a kilo for sampling. The first step is to get some yarn cards and find out about minimums.  Since these spinners are in Europe, there is also shipping and duty to consider.  These are by no means the only spinners out there.

Todd & Duncan

Zegna Baruffa

Z Hinchliffe


J C Rennie

Linea Piu


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