Machine Knitting Classes

IMG_1156All of these classes are hands-on with a maximum of five students.

Classes either last three hours and run for four weeks or run for two full days.
The studio has a variety of standard gauge and bulky knitting machines (no need to own a machine, or bring yours to class…but you can if you want).

Beginner Class
In this class you will learn all the basic techniques required to use the main bed of the knitting machine, including cast-on and cast-off, striping, increasing and decreasing. Trouble shooting techniques such as unraveling and picking up dropped stitches, are taught along with short-rowing and re-hung stitches. This course is appropriate for complete beginners, or those who want to brush up on their knowledge.

Patterning Class
This class covers all the patterning techniques, including fair-isle, tuck, slip/miss stitch, lace (pointelle), weave, plating and intarsia. This course is appropriate for machine knitters with basic experience

Ribber Class
This class introduces you to the ribber bed and expands your repertoire of stitches. It is suitable for those who are already familiar with all main bed techniques. You will learn ribber cast-on and cast-off, shaping, ribs structures, basic cables, plating, jacquard and racking.

SwatchesBGarment Class

This class allows students to further cement their skills on the knitting machine.  All elements of translating an idea to a finished garment will be covered. Students will learn how to make and wet finish an accurate tension swatch, then using simple math and the Magic Formula, calculate a pattern. Working from body measurements or a garment, you can create original patterns to your own specifications. Learn how different rib starts affect the fit, learn how to calculate dimensions and shaping and how different fashioning methods affect the appearance of the garment. Learn finishing techniques including the linker. Please note – this is a new class. No garment will be made in class, but mock-ups of tension swatches, necklines, fashioning, trims will be made as appropriate to design and time.

One-on-one Personal Knitting Machine Training – $105/hour
Personalized instruction or help for individual projects.


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